Scaling the Network of Distributed Storage

Folder Protocol (FOL) is constructed as a second-layer technology on Filecoin’s mainnet,

to safely store and send larger batches of data. Folder Protocol’s network will benefit

the users for the quicker retrieval and wider distribution of contents.


Empowering the

Distributed Storage

Folder Protocol(FOL) provides the secure network and token that clients and miners can use to enter storage contracts in a peer-to-peer fashion. The protocol enables buyers and sellers to trade in storage space directly. As a result, clients and miners are free to negotiate prices and features.

The network constructs a P2P distributed file network for each continent-each network that is connected through Crust. Folder protocol participates as a Filecoin’s node, redistributes stored files to Folder network by providing virtual supercomputing storage to improve each file retrieving speed.


Key Principles

Petabyte Level of

Data Sets Distributed

Datasets are distributed at Petabyte level to allow extremely quick storage and retrieval speed for users wider distribution of content

Large-Scale Computing Across Organizations

Virtual supercomputing storage to improve each file retrieving speed both for intra and inter-organization  purpose for secure and fast data distribution

HV/HD Real-Time

Media Streaming

High-speed retrieval of stored contents throughout the continents to allow smooth high-definition and high-volume real-time media streaming

Supports Versioning and

Linking for Large Datasets

Distributed ledger system preserves all the file metadata, including file size, author to link a full-fledged large set of data serving model


Optimization Layer

There are three main actors of FOL(File-System Optimization Layer) Token economy that interacts with one another:

Miner/Client​ provides computing power to Folder Protocol, ultimately contributing to Filecoin network and receive FOL as a reward.

Folder Protocol functions as intermediary layer to facilitate the exchange of computing power and FOL token between FOL client and IPFS/Filecoin nodes accumulating Filecoin. It also handles Q-Swap(quarterly FOL/FIL swap) to provide liquidity within the network.

IPFS/Filecoin Nodes are owned by Folder Labs. This group of nodes provides computing power as a part of Filecoin network to engage in mining activity.

Easily participate in node operations, mining, and offering storage so anyone can voluntarily and actively contribute to Folder Protocol ecosystem.


Token Distribution

FOL(File-System Optimization Layer) Token

Ticker Symbol: FOL

Total Supply: 200,000,000 FOL




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